Health IT Fact #20

December 30, 2009

Health IT gave Moses the 10 Commandments of Health Care, but Moses dropped them.  After that, Health IT gave up on humanity.  Meaningful Use is humanity’s last chance to get it right.


Health IT Facts #18-19

December 22, 2009

Health IT Fact #18: The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.  Health IT wrote the question.

Health IT Fact #19: You cannot “opt-in” to Health IT.  You must be on the guest list.

Health IT Fact #17

December 14, 2009

Health IT killed disco. You’re welcome.

Health IT Fact #16

December 9, 2009

Before there were LOLCats, there was LOLHealthIT

Health IT Fact #15

December 8, 2009

Love is overrated. Health IT is not.

Health IT Fact #14

December 7, 2009

Mr. Cooper hangs with Health IT.

Welcome to the Misguided Followers of HISTalk

December 4, 2009

Apparently Health IT Facts is making waves (or, a wave).

As the interoperability scripture reads: “For on the fourth day, Health IT created Mr HISTalk, and saw that it was good.  But by the fifth day, Health IT was bored.  So on the sixth day, Health IT created Inga, and all was very good. That is why, on the seventh day, Health IT rested.”