Health IT Fact #10

November 29, 2009

Health IT once made a mistake and cured every illness.  It fixed the mistake before the medical community was fired.


Health IT Fact #9

November 28, 2009

For the record, Health IT does not like dogs or cats.  Health IT prefers dinosaurs.

Health IT Fact #8

November 28, 2009

There is no EHR. There is no PHR. There is only Health IT.

Health IT Fact #7

November 28, 2009

Health IT is the vendor, the user and the consumer

Submit Your Own Health IT Facts

November 27, 2009

Chuck Norris and his cronies have tried to steal the thunder that rightfully belongs to Health IT.  Help strike a blow against plagiarism and say yes to interoperability by submitting your own Health IT Facts.

Health IT Facts #4-6 (Black Friday Blowout Special)

November 27, 2009

Health IT Fact #4: Doctors don’t use Health IT, Health IT uses doctors.

Health IT Fact #5: Health IT beat Gary Kasparov at chess, and then stole his wife.

Health IT Fact #6: People like to ask who would win in a fight, Ditka or Health IT. Trick question, Ditka is Health IT.

Health IT Fact #3

November 27, 2009

Health IT took the blue pill and was still able to enter the Matrix.